January 13, 2016

Myth: Website Design is Hard

Website Design Article

When I was younger, my maternal grandmother used to have me come over to her house to “program” her VCR.  My Dad still asks me for help with his smartphone.  In my family I am considered near genius because I understand technology.  I like and, more importantly, grew up with technology which is why I have learned so much about it over the years and, right now, society values that knowledge.  Then again, societies have always marveled and valued technology.  Technology, it seems, is always changing shifting the value along the way.

I used to point out to my grandmother that there are many skills that society has valued in the past that required a lot of effort to learn and apply.  Everything from cooking from scratch to training horses used be highly valued by society.  This wouldn’t be considered a form of technology today it was an exacting and highly valued skill that is still valued today.  Common incandescent light no longer seem so sophisticated but, when invented by Thomas Edison, they were nothing short of miraculous technological innovations.

Website design requires the use of computers and specialized software in order to be performed but these are simply tools of the trade.  Web designers apply these tools to their trade and, while they may require some skill, website designers are hardly geniuses simply because they can wield them.  In fact, most graphic designers have been using similar tools for decades – only the medium has changed.

I think web designers should be respected for the work they do.  I do not think they should be exalted for it.  Website design is not nearly as hard as some would have you believe and it is losing value every day.