Rule #2: Always Get a CMS (but not a ‘Custom’ CMS)

In the early days of internet browsing, the only way to create and update a website was to manually edit individual pages.  The tools available then did not keep the text and images separate from the layout code.  People who tried to create websites at the time found it a painstaking (some would say painful) process.  That is why there is still a certain mystique surrounding web design that persists today despite the advancement in tools and methods that have greatly eased the process. One of those tools is a CMS.

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Myth: Website Design is Hard

Website Design Article

When I was younger, my maternal grandmother used to have me come over to her house to “program” her VCR.  My Dad still asks me for help with his smartphone.  In my family I am considered near genius because I understand technology.  I like and, more importantly, grew up with technology which is why I […]

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Paying too much for website design?

Eau Claire Website Ideas

Websites are wonderful marketing tools.  They have supplanted classifieds, newspaper ads, and magazines as a way of delivering information about your product or service.  They have even reduced the need for business cards and brochures when it comes to driving customers to your door.  When you look at it that way, you can probably justify […]

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