January 13, 2016

Paying too much for website design?

Eau Claire Website Ideas

Websites are wonderful marketing tools.  They have supplanted classifieds, newspaper ads, and magazines as a way of delivering information about your product or service.  They have even reduced the need for business cards and brochures when it comes to driving customers to your door.  When you look at it that way, you can probably justify spending thousands of dollars on a website.  But is it reasonable?

Not really.  That may sound strange coming from a web designer but I have seen far too many quotes from other agencies that are nothing short of embarrassing to our industry.  What is a website, really?  The truth is, a website is nothing more than an electronic brochure.  Think about it.  Websites have your logo, your contact information, your location, and information about your services.  They employ pictures and copy selected and written to market your product or service to a specific audience.  That is the bulk of the work in designing a brochure and designing a website.  Yet, the same businessman who does not think twice paying thousands of dollars for a website design would scoff at a brochure design costing the same amount.  And I am not talking about printing costs for the brochure but just for the design itself.  After all, there are no printing costs for a website (although most companies will charge a monthly fee in addition to the design fees to host your site).

Web designers who see this might claim that they do so much more than just design.  They’ll claim their are programming costs and search engine optimization (SEO) etc.  Again, go to the quote and you’ll see that programming is mostly layout – just like a brochure.  As for SEO and  other services, they are usually relatively minor charges when compared to the design of the website.  The quotes I have seen from my competitors are typically 75% or more website design.  Or, put another way, thousands upon thousands of dollars for a brochure design.

The quotes that really surprise me are the ones that ask for 33% down payment on a website before they even give you an idea of what it is they can do for you.

Businessmen are starting to wake-up to the fact that the cost of website design is artificially and outrageously high for what they are receiving – and that’s before they start receiving their “recurring monthly charges” from their web company.  Truly outrageous.